Reasons Why Moon Lamps Are Ideal Light Installations in Your Home

Moon has always been a centre of attraction, irrespective of the number of times every person has been seeing it, since their lifetime. And, when people get to bring down the moon from the sky into their living rooms, the excitement always jumps up a notch higher. Although, handling the enormous globe is not possible…

Décor your new home with exclusive moonlight lamp

Everyone promises to get their beaus’ moon and stars, but we can make those promises real! At, we create customized moon lamps that you could gift your beau to fulfill the promise of your love. And not just this, we provide customized moon lamps in which you can get your photo, date, or dedication that…

Touch lamps turn on by themselves

Touch lamps turn on by themselves

These simple design touch lamps are beautiful, small and available in five modern different colors. Many consumers like the price, but some take note that the lamps are lower than expected. The simple design mini touch lamps are 11.5 inches high and have touch controls with four settings (such as our custom moon lamp). Touch…

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