Hi and thanks for stopping by!

Hi and thank you for stopping by!
Welcome to the Fourth Dimension family,
Here we will make sure you get the highest quality exclusive service,
From a system that aims to be available to you 24/7 to a human service that is available to you for any personal question.

Who and why ?

The fourth dimension is born of the ED brand which uses the 3D Printing technology to create the most unique gifts.

It all started from one small idea,
When we wanted to make our customers the 3D moonlight with perosnalization, we realized it wasn’t that simple.
We did not give up and decided for the first time in Israel to use the 3D technology exclusively for the gift world,
And among them our best-selling 3D Moon.
Alongside it, we have opened another wide range of products so you can take the moon down for your loved ones,
And we’re here just to make it possible.

So after writing these lines me – we wish you a fun purchase with us in D4U and let us make sure you are satisfied, have fun shopping!

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