Lamps that light up when your friend touches it

A long distance touch lamp or “friendship lamp” is a lamp made with a WiFi Internet connection so that you can connect to one or more of the same types of lamp at infinite distances.

Lamps that light up when your friend touches it

When a person touches his own lamp, another lamp which he associates emits the same colored light or passes through a rainbow of colors. Lamps that light up when your friend touches it, this connection allow friends or relatives to say that they are thinking of them with a simple touch.

Long distance touch lights are sold in pairs to create a new connection or group, but can also be purchased as individual units to add to an existing group. Depending on the model, the lamps may have built-in WiFi functions or must be connected to a router.

Long Distance Touch Lamp Cost

         There is an enormous selection of remote touch lamps that provide a wide selection of lamp styles with almost unlimited colors of LED lights.  Even high-quality materials like wood and metal, and even models made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Touch lamps cost between 70$ and 90$ per unit or as a pair between 170$ and 180$. Be careful when searching for unique brands of remote touch lights, as many claim to have WiFi Internet connectivity features around the world, but they are just normal. Table lamps that have a touch trigger switch.

Why This Friendship Lamp Is Our

 Any kind of lamp is perfect just wanted to say hello without text. Automatically it lights up for 1.5 hours after touching the best lamp, Lamps that light up when your friend touches it, so, the lamps burn in a beautiful color. In online as well you will continue to feel love thousands of kilometers away, however, may do still turn off the lighting after 1/2 hour, 8 hours, or 24 days.

Now you can say “I love you” day-by-day no matter how far the other person is. Now you can easily keep them on your mind. And it not only keeps you in touch, in addition, but also contributes to your home decorating with its authentic and lively look.


  • It makes it easy to keep in touch
  • It has beautiful lighted colors
  • It doesn’t use a lot of energy, only 3 Watts
  • It illuminates the whole house


  • We couldn’t find any
take me to moon lamps!

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