True moon lamp

Seeking to enjoy the place and nature, the moon is usually a lamp for you. The lamp can illuminate the area and give it a silly look. The room possesses a good romance and mood. Adding light adds some warmth and enhances the look of your freedom.

​How Does A Moon Lamp Work?

 Moon lamps give the room light and style. Include touch controls to easily change the brightness and turn the light don / doff. It also equips these lamps are also with a chargeable lithium-ion battery. When the battery is charging, you can see it to the screen without cable (or carry it on the street).

The material from which we make a moon 3d printed moon lamps made of plastic with a 3D printer, it enables its unique and accurate moon design. The lamps also have brightness for different light levels. Most lamps can be white or yellow, and some even have multi-colour options.

GPJOY Extra Large 3D Moon Lamp

GPJOY 3D True Moon Lamp is perfect for individuals. It has the best night light that will not disturb your sleep. We have created a lamp using the original 3D printing technology that reflects the appearance of the moon.

It gives you a wide 660-degree beam and suitable 6K bright white and 3000K warm white light. It’s the perfect creative decoration for one’s dining table, bedroom with other parties. The long touch controls the brightness, and the touch changes the colour. It’s worth the USB cable.


  • A very soft yellow glow
  • Dimmer feature
  • Makes the environment beautiful and attractive anywhere it is placed


  • The battery doesn’t seem to hold long enough

Ehobroc 5.9 Inch Moon Lamp

 We base this moonlight on images taken by NASA Satellite. We carefully designed curves to maintain the moon’s realistic surface as well as the mountains was carefully manufactured. It’s very easy to use because functions a remote control function and touch control. Like other moon lamps, it is likewise charged via an USB cable. The lamp has 3 colors – warm white, cool white and yellow.

The shining moonlight will create a superb and wonderful aura. This is a wonderfully romantic and mysterious gift it is possible to give to your family, friends and loved ones.


  • Charges quickly and easily
  • Well made
  • Used as a night light


  • The plastic looks a bit unstable or shaky.
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