Sun and moon lamps

As the light of this sun moon lamp looks exactly like the moon, the main reason for this is that we ready-made it’s very much using DVD technology to display all the luminous images as NASA’s images have shown.

Sun Moon lamps are standard and adjustable, which means you won’t pay for them when they wake up. They produce a soft light, which helps speed sleep. Monthly marines look cool, making them the perfect addition to the beds. Due to their performance, detecting the best light for the moon can be a daunting task.

sun and moon lamp

Material: As such, it is very important that we protect our good environment. As it is said that the material used to make your moonlight lamps is a good environmentally friendly. In addition, the content should not be cheap. And that means it has to be resistant to the effects and trauma.

Texture and Appearance: The moon lamp we chose should look exactly like a moon; otherwise, it loses its name from “Sun moon lamp”. We have to design it exactly based on NASA’s images. We must also design it must also using 3D printing technology to restore the moon’s original appearance and texture.

Tiny Trunky 3D Printing Moon Lamp

We have seen many items that are very easy to use. However, we doubt that using the tiny Sun moon lamp Trunky 3D print outweighs the ease. All you have to do to change the colour of this incredible lighting unit is to tap it. You don’t have to bend or light it like most LED night lights. This 3D printing Sun moon lamp is powered by a mini USB charging cable that connects to a USB hub or USB power adapter socket.


  • Looks really cool when lit up
  • Charges up very quickly        
  • Comes with a handy wrist strap         
  • Looks great in the office


  • Made of plastic, but this does not have an impact on the performance

WeXOOM Moon Lamp

It’s a great moonlight lamp that gives you all the results you need. So we’ve attracted all of you to the WeXOOM Moon lamp so you can benefit from it. With 3D printing technology, this moon lamp makes you feel like you have the entire moon in your palm. It has a dimmable control that lets you adjust the bright colors and brightness. In addition, the best sun moon lamp is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be charged quickly through a USB connection.


  • Makes a great gift idea          
  • Bigger and of higher quality  
  • Has great color options          
  • The wood stand is of higher quality


  • Has a few issues, but it works great
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