Original moon lamp

There are also many other options for this moon lamp. If you choose more than $ 10 for the original 16-color moon, you can choose to have red, purple, or blue glitter in your room and the original colors using remote control. Another option is an elevator lamp that is held in place by magnetic charge and can rotate. It comes in one size – 4 inches in diameter – and $ 129.99. Frankly, this is one of the most exciting options. If you have lamps on your ceiling, the original hanging lamp ™ can be the perfect addition to your space. We use these 3D printing technology lamps with NASA satellite images as a reference to maximize the lunar surface.

Levitating printed moon lamp-5

Original Moon Lamp

Our original moonlight has precise 3D printing to create a replica of the moon. With the touch sensor button, you don’t have to make a mistake to light the lamp.

Our moon lamps have made wonderful additions to bedrooms and some classrooms around the world. What a better way to inspire space and science than our glittering moon.

Our original lamp is the perfect gift near or far to your heart. Although it was a wonderful gift idea, the colorful moonlight made a wonderful addition to hobby rooms or collectors looking for jazz on their own. Looking for more fire? Check out our hand-painted Galaxy Moon lamp

What’s included:

  • Cordless light
  • Warm & cool color glow for day and night
  • Realistic moon lamp in a 3D printed design
  • Charger included
  • Wood base

How to use:

The moon lamp, like all others, is simply needed by pressing the button. The sensor reads your touch through an electromagnetic connection. Keep in touch for a second and see the moon lamp another touch and lamp changes from cool white to warm orange.

How do you make a moon lamp?

We make our original lamp of the art 3D printing technology. Each moon lasts at least 32 hours from start to finish. A long cable with PLA recycled plastic device powers) material, while the brain runs the computer through a processor and performs precise lunar coordinates across the surface. Our designers use the latest Nasa satellite imagery to perfect the full moon lamps. To know what is best here is to offer the moon lamp.

Our levitating moon lamp is the perfect addition to any roof light or inquisitive room. Like our original lamp, we make this lamp using our 3D printer and takes up to 32 hours to produce.


  • Runtime – 48 hours
  • Realistic embossed pattern
  • Delivery in 9 – 15 days
  • Impressive design with crater depth
  • 18 centimeters in diameter (7.09 inches)
  • Base charges the lamp while levitating and glowing
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