Moon wall lamp

This moon wall lamp is so vibrant featuring its 3D brand and looks amazing when hung over the wall. Ideal as the best night light for your children’s room or cleverly combined with your room for an enchanting atmosphere. Get those healing feeling every night one relaxing glow of the moon? Complete with an operating remote control and took a light detection feature that automatically switches on the moon after dark. It can be switched to different phases of the moon: new moon, full moon, sickle, a lot of others.

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As a matter of fact, Superman in the living room is one of the most worthy lunar lamps because you all get the perfect feeling of any moon from its incredible construction because the specially-made lunar clock automatically matches the actual moon outside the room with its amazing 12 steps.

How can you defeat him?

In addition, we program the remote control LED moonlight in such a way that it automatically shuts off at night to maintain a peaceful sleep. It also produces the sound effects of the moon landing and is something you won’t find in any other wall lamp.


  • 53 Pounds in weight.
  • Downloadable audio tour.
  • Recommended age is 6+.
  • Battery Powered.
  • 13 X 3 X 13 inches dimensions.


  • It offers 12 different moon phases.
  • It has also a built-in electronic lunar clock.
  • Great reviews on Amazon.
  • Fits nicely with the wall as well.
  • Laced with a brilliant remote control system.


  • Expensive in price.


If you have to buy moon lamp for your kids, this is sick for you. Yellow lights on the wall are all your children need. In addition, it adds a brilliant fragrance and also uses it in your room.

The best thing about this fantastic crescent moon lamp is the wonderfully beautiful and soft glow. That is why it is the best moon lamp for children. Installation of the wall is also fairly simple and easy. All you have to do is tighten the screws on the wall and you’re done.

It is also braided with a 7-foot cord. The cable consists of an on / off switch that allows you to turn the lamp on or off with a single push of a button. In addition, the material used in this lamp is lead-free and toxic.


  • Lead-Free Material.
  • 4 X 8.3 X 3.3 Inches dimension.
  • Wired Electric Power Source.
  • Flower Style.
  • 12 Ounces Weight.


  • Great gift for the kids.
  • Not high in price.
  • The material is also up to the mark.
  • More than 90 customer reviews on Amazon.
  • Wonderful illumination and glow.
  • Adds a superb decoration to your room as well.


  • Limited to just yellow color.
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