Lunar moon night lamp

We know that Moonlight would give us extreme relaxation and wonderful moments after a stressful time at work or study. Watching the moon can be a great way to uplift your mood and be happy. Another thing is that there are even light rays, dots and craters to provide the most realistic look for everyone. All you have to do is hang it somewhere and enjoy the dim light that radiates at all times.

3D moon lamp -8

Gahaya Moon Lamp ( Best Stylish Moon Lamp )

  Decorate your room with this Slopehill moonlight to bring romance, fun and puzzles. It was specially made with advanced imaging technology to provide a realistic experience.

The design is unique and bright to complement other features in your living space. We manufacture the entire unit from environmentally friendly and safe materials without chemicals or toxins. It is fully protected against electrical problems. The light is soft and pleasant for your eyes. While the operation saves energy, there is also an intelligent charging system for automatic and fast charging.


  • Realistic design with 3D imaging technology
  • Made of eco-friendly and safe ABS and PVC
  • Vibration control and 3 colour options
  • Smart charging management system for automatic operation


    Some users find it difficult to use the dimmer

Tiny Trunky Wooden Stand Printing Moon Lamp Multi-Colors

The little Trunky moonlight is a perfect lighting option for astronomers, astronomers, space lovers and youngsters. It especially comes along with a wooden stand that is definitely stable on any top. We make the product from environmentally friendly materials make certain safety and robustness for some years. The manufacturer uses astronomical data to produce the exact surface of the moon. You can tap anywhere on the device to turn it as well as off. It is very simple to switch between different colors and lighting settings with the 3d Printed moon lamp. Thanks to an efficient charging system, it can be fully charged within several hours.


  • Extremely durable and sturdy construction
  •  Fully charged in only 3 hours
  • Easy operation with tapping activities
  •  Ideal for different spaces in your home and office


  • The shape and size are quite small

RMFSH Lunar Moon Lamp Dimmable Night Light

This RMFSH moonlight is a dazzling and divine symbol that can bring you happiness and happiness. You can tap anywhere on the device to turn it on and off. It’s also easy to switch between various colors and lighting modes. There are various color choices to help you choose the right one for your room. With its sleek and contemporary design, this can be an excellent choice for every room in your home. Thanks to an efficient charging system, it can be fully charged in a few hours.


  • Control easily by touching the sensor unit
  •  Memory function to recall colour or brightness setting
  •  Easy to charge from mobile phones or power banks
  •  Different colour options to match your moods


  • The light is a little bit artificial
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