Lunar lamp

If you want to hang Luna on the ceiling, install a hook on the ceiling, use a durable cord (we recommend a nylon cord here – it is strong and transparent, pass the cord through the ring on top of Luna and hang it on The hook Each Luna is supplied with a cable, and a device for adjusting the brightness Luna M (and smaller) uses E27 \ / 28W \ / 110V halogen lamps, Luna L (and larger) uses E27 \ / 42W \ / 110V halogen lamps.

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What are the features of Luna?

It’s water resistant, heat resistant and crashworthy.

  • Luna XXS is an exception: We equip the unique mini lantern with an LED lamp and a battery instead of a halogen lamp and a halogen cable. The brightness is not adjustable and is not suitable for hanging.
  • As with any material used in a beautiful luna moon lamp, the wall is highly classy, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Just as it does with different stages of the moon, you always get a beautiful look. My favorite step in a lunar lamp like this is a special full moon and, honestly, it looks very cool.


The lunar surface emits soft, glowing light that never interrupts your sleep and allows you to perform various activities, such as reading books under lunar moonlight. With remote control, you can easily turn the lunar lamp on or off with just one button.

  • The story doesn’t end here because the system also automatically closes. It is specially formulated to improve energy efficiency and sleep. It closes automatically after 30 minutes and you do not have to lunar lamp off before going to sleep.
  • Well, this lamp gives you 12 lighter steps in the room than the Super Moon. Not only this, but with the remote you can adjust your best favourite lunar moon phase and the illumination level to a certain extent.


  • 46 Pounds Weight.
  • Battery Powered.
  • Recommended for 6+ age group.
  • World Wide Shipping.
  • 12 X 3.5 X 11 Inches dimension.
  • Automatic Settings.


  • Remote Control System offers great ease and comfort.
  • Soft glow never hurts your eye or disturbs your kids.
  • Decent in size as well.
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes.
  • Highly realistic moon phase with different phases.
  • Over 2400 positive customer reviews on Amazon.


  • Slightly high in price.
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