Levitating moon light

If you love moon lamps, you will love a beautiful levitating moon lamp even more. Although these lamps are slightly more expensive than normal moon lamps, they hover a few centimeteres above their standing and experience movement, which makes them look even more realistic. They use advanced technology to make them work so that they work great without cables or even built-in batteries.

3d moon lamp night light-4

The fancy moon lamp is an elegant and decorative object and a real conversation starter. It will draw the attention of everyone who visits your home. These lamps are available in different sizes and colors, making them the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and more. They are also great for building the boardroom and lobby at your corporate headquarters because they don’t just look good in your home!

If you want a different type of night light or decorative item for your home or office, a levitating moon lamp is perfect. It looks good, has a striking design, and is strong enough to last a very long time. They look very realistic and work wirelessly so that they are also low-maintenance. The bright levitating moon lamp also adds to the ambience of every room in which we locate it. So it is a decoration that you will never regret.

levitating moon lamps

These levitating moon lamps have been specially developed for technology freaks that have an eternal love for technology. This type of moon lamp uses magnetic levitation technology. Through which the spherical structure rotates and hovers in the air through induction.

Customers have had an overwhelming response to these lamps, which is definitely reflected in the enormous amount of 3D printed moon lamp reviews. After going through most of these reviews, we’ve put together a list of some of the pros and cons of these lamps.


  • Moon lamp is perfect home decor products that can be used for outdoor lighting. And also for decorating for Christmas, Thanksgiving, house parties, birthdays and other occasions.
  • Remote control moon lamps make life even easier. If you can adjust brightness, light color and fashion without going to the lamp.


  • Certain glass moon lamps are very delicate and require extra care if they can break easily.
  • The rechargeable battery wears off after a period of time. Which leads to low durability and therefore the lamps need to be charged regularly?
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