Large moon lamp

Whether it’s a party, a meeting, or just to decorate the interior of your home, this large Moon Lamp is a perfect piece if you want to brighten up the games for home decor.

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These 3D moon lamps are available in several sizes, designs and with many functions and are not only used for decoration but can also provide light sources at night.


  The Gahaya lamp is a treat for lovers of the moon and space. It is an excellent option for you to keep it as a bedroom lamp. The larger size of this moonlight gives you the most realistic lunar appearance, and you won’t find it in many lamps.

The Gahaya lamp actually gives a lot of orbit and brightness, and frankly, it attracts the attention of almost everyone who enters their room. The PLA material used in this lamp is of the most powerful standard. The LED bulb used in it is remarkably energy-efficient and that is why this lamp is never heated if you turn it on all night.

And another thing that makes it one of the best extra large moonlight bulbs is that it gives you a flicker free glow and you are never irritated or disturbed during sleep.

In addition, you also have a lever to adjust the light color from warm white to cool white via the touch control system.


  • Polylactic Acid Material.
  • White Body Color.
  • LED Bulb Type.
  • 8.7 Inch Diameter.
  • 1000 mAh Battery.


  • Gives you the feeling of a true moon in the room.
  • A nice soft glow of the lamp.
  • Seamless design and construction.
  • The dimmable feature adds more flair.
  • More than 275 Amazon customer reviews.
  • Dual color lamp lights.


  • Takes a lot of time to recharge.


 Another amazing lamb is the AED lamp. Huge size with lots of flair Pleasant design with an elegant wooden container makes an excellent combination.

         The distinguishing feature of this earth lamp is the innovative 3D printing technology with which we create designs. The data collected to create highly realistic designs also came from NASA satellites.

         In addition, the magnificent shape illuminates the entire room with its remarkable beam of light, allowing you to read or play books in this night light.

         The brightness and change of the lamp’s light colors are controlled by touch sensors. This is just a light touch to adjust brightness and color change, and you can charge the battery with the USB cable that comes with the lamp.


  • LED Light Source.
  • Modern Style.
  • White Body Color.
  • Globe Shape.
  • 1 Pound Weight.
  • PLA Material.


  • Dimmable and shock resistant lamp.
  • Dual colors with different brightness levels.
  • Impactful design with a proper 3D printing.
  • Touch sensors allow you to control the different features.
  • Comes up with the elegant gift box.
  • Top class non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly PLA material.


  • A bit expensive.
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