Glowing moon lamp

In addition to many office spaces and special living spaces, from nurseries to even bedrooms, Mind – glowing moon lamp is a highly desirable choice. This efficient charging system can fully charge in a few schedules.

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There are several good color options available so it is possible to make the right option for your location. It contains a special wooden stand will be very stable on every level.

We make item of environmentally friendly materials to ensure safety and stability for many long years, with a strict and contemporary special design, never a great option for almost anywhere in your home.

The manufacturer uses a lot of astronomical data to create the exact surface of the silent celestial body. You can tap and rotate anywhere on the device. You can also easily switch between different colors and light modes.


  • The wood base is solid and stable
  • 16 different color options for your mood
  • Convenient touch control and remote
  • Made of high-quality and premium PLA material


  • Not ideal for illuminating a large space

Mind Glowing 3D Moon Lamp

Mind Glowing’s 3D Moon Lamp is one of the complete lighting objects available for sale. We cover the outer layer of the lamp with harmless, ecosystem-friendly material that contributes zero percent to greenhouse gas emissions. We designed it with satellite images of NASA’s actual moon and offered a realistic look.

Furthermore, we sell this in a range of sizes from 3.5 to 7.1 inches (ca. 18 cm) and are very light at around 9 grams. We made it to display 16 LED colors and is an easy-to-use home appliance. It also has touch of control and remote control to control the different levels of brightness and colors. It has a very impressive battery life of around 12 hours to over 15 hours after a full three-hour charge.

SURPRISINGLY REALISTIC: unlike other cheap moonlight lamps, ours went through a painstaking 3D print procedure of over 26 hours to ensure that every crater on the surface was identical to NASA’s satellite imagery. The lamp is made of DURABLE & SUPERIOR PLA, the optimal material for 3D printing.

With the practical touch and REMOTE CONTROL, you can choose between 16 COLORS, 5 WORKING MODES, and 5 BRIGHTNESS STEPS. Our moonlight gives you the mood whether you want it cozy, romantic, peaceful or good. Darken it “too bright to look around” but “not too bright to keep you from falling asleep.


  • Long battery life (from 12 hours upward)
  • Touch sensor control and multiple functions


  • Fragile
  • Battery may fail if not used for an extended period
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