Glowing ball night light lamp

As children and parents will love the comfort and atmosphere of this interactive nightlight, Like Glowing night light lamp consists of removable, multi-colored, seemingly bright beautiful balls. Choose your favorite color with the slide lever or let the lights rotate. After 30 minutes of being removed from the base, the glow darkens, so that the children can sleep quickly.

glowing ball night light lamp

The phosphorescent spheres contain nothing electronic, so they do not get hot and do not break. Leave them in the energy-saving LED base or put them in bed with your child. Children can also take them to the toilet on night trips without disturbing the rest of the family. The (Glowing balls) are BPA, phthalate and PVC free. Requires 9V power supply included.

  • Removable glowing balls serve as portable night lights
  • Safe to put in bed with your child
  • Glow up to 30 minutes
  • Glo balls and bases feel cool
  • Choose a favorite color or let it stay in circulation

Glow Tube and Beach Ball Set

  Check out the summer fun by simply using the power of the sun. Expose this beach ball and tube to sunlight. When the sun goes down, they remain clearly present for up to 90 minutes. This versatile set is great fun to catch games, pool parties and enjoy the water no matter what time of day. The tube has a diameter of 36 ‘; Beach Ball is 12 ‘diam.

  • Simply expose the beach ball and tube to sunlight for long-lasting fun in the dark
  • Receives a luminous presence for up to 90 minutes
  • Ideal for pool parties day and night

 Glow in the Dark Inflatable Beach Ball:

Enjoy summer nights with beach ball shine. Each pack contains 1 white 12-inch beach ball and 2 shiny blue sticks. To activate: Grab the shiny sticks and shake them. Then place them in the middle ball. You get 2 uses of each beach ball. If you want to reuse the beach ball, just buy the extra 6 inch premium glue sticks (no color).

  • Enjoy the summer nights with our Glow Beach Ball
  • Each pack contains 1 white 12-inch beach ball and 2 blue glow sticks
  • To activate: Grab the glow sticks and shake them. Then put them in the beach ball
  • You get 2 uses of each beach ball
  • If you want to reuse the beach ball, just buy additional 6-inch premium glow sticks (any color).
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