Glow in the dark moon ball

However, just in case you didn’t know it, glow balls are invaluable for infant development. The glow in the dark moon ball appears in a very dark color, it can also be used for playing, they see and touch, promote imaginative play, facilitate research, improve fine and overall motor skills, supporting visual tracking, making social play much easier and stimulating various senses including glow in the dark. This is very special for children. In the night light, children enjoy playing with dark moon ball.

Glow in the dark moon ball

Standout Features

  • Made with a nubby surface for easy handling
  • 7 inches tall, but weighs only 5 ounces
  • Squeezable, but does not squeak and does not lose its shape
  • Made from BOA free PVC

Great for toddler growth and development: Every time your child rolls, bounces, kicks or catches the Glow Moon ball, it helps to develop motor skills, sensory development, hand-eye coordination, reasoning skills, and much more. It is also a great source of exercise for the child.

Perfectly-sized for a toddler: 7 inches (approx. 18 cm) and 5 ounces (approx. 148 ml) are a great size for a child. You can grab the knobbly surface, roll it across the room, or throw it back and forth with a friend. However you use it, the Grow ball will not do any damage.

BPA-free: Speaking of disadvantages, the PVC from which we make this ball is BPA free. This is not a health risk for your young child.

Glows with a bright light: Most toys that glow Ball in the dark comprise many parts. That way they can produce enough light. It’s just a piece, but it creates more than enough light to fill a toddler’s room. It shines much better when it is filled with sunlight.


  • Can start emptying after about 3 months of use
  • No option to choose your preferred color when purchasing


Say goodbye to such darkness with one of these products and always remember! Because of their relaxation, they are the perfect toy for a little baby Glow in a Dark moon ball. You can use these balls to play with your little ones or to make a children’s party, which makes the children look very happy.

Whenever the sun goes down and it’s time to go to bed, you can leave it in your child’s room. The light they produce makes them perfect sleep toys.

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