Does the moon glow

Moon lamps look exactly like the moon. The moon lamp does the moon glow at night; it gives a very beautiful light because we have developed it using a lot of 3D printing technology to show all the features of the moon, at night the moon lamp glow very beautifully as shown by NASA pictures.

Does the moon glow

Moon lamps are spotless and rechargeable, so you don’t charge them when you light them. They produce a soft light, which causes the moon to glow, which promotes sleep. Moonlight lamps look really cool and make them a great addition to a bedroom. ۔

Material: It can be necessary that we protect atmosphere. That said, you need in order to ensure that the material your moon lamp is made from is environmentally friendly. In addition, the material cannot be cheap and give. It has to resistant to impacts and shock.

Texture and Appearance: The moon lamp we have chosen very well should look exactly like the moon, and at night the moon glow with a very beautiful light, otherwise it loses its name with the moon lamp. We have to design it based on NASA images. It is also specially designed using 3D printing technology to restore the original shape and texture of the moon.

Tiny Trunky 3D Printing Moon Lamp

           Once we have seen, there several things that are straightforward to use. However, produce the best impression that the tonnage is significantly greater than the utility of 3D moon print lamps. All you have to do to change the color of this amazing lighting unit is touch the moon lamp at night in the original color, does the moon glow. You don’t need to fold or lift it as most LED night lights do. This 3D printed moon lamp is powered by a mini USB charging cable connected to a USB hub or USB power adapter socket.

TAP TO CHANGE COLORS:  You don’t have to bend or lift the moonlight to change the color, just like any other LED night lamp. Touch the moonlight anywhere on the surface to change the color from white to yellow. Touch to enter red, green, purple, blue, purple, pink, etc. in multi-color layout mode, then tap again to turn off the lamp. Easy!


  • Looks really cool when lit up
  • Comes with a handy wrist strap         
  • Looks great in the office        
  • Charges up very quickly        


  • Made of plastic, but this does not have an impact on the performance
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