Design night lamp for girlfriend

This is one of the best night light lamp 3D environmentally friendly eco-friendly material (PLA), this is the best night light lamp we can offer this gift to please girlfriend, most people night Light lamps are given as a gift to your girlfriend. The lamp has two colors, white and yellow. You can touch the long press to change colors and brightness levels and dim the light.

design night lamp for girlfriend

The Moon light Lamp has an excellent battery that can be charged for two to three hours and can be used extensively for about eight to ten hours. Battery time is excellent. The mini touch switch disconnects from the charging port and simplifies touch control. The device is two inches in diameter and has a realistic moon shape.

What I like

The lamps have an attractive design, are also light and compact. You may change the amount of light and color by holding the metal circle more affordable. The light from the lamp stops the night simply because it can take about ten hours.

It fully illuminates the room and presents a realistic moon view that forces you to be feel like area has moonlight. Perfect switch from lighter to darker you actually don’t like a lot light in the area.

What I don’t like

The lamp has only two colors, white and yellow. The moonlight is attractive with two colors, but it would be more impressive if it were more.


  • It has an attractive design
  • You can choose different color modes
  • It has a rechargeable battery with ten hours of performance


  • It only features two colors

Star Sky 3D Night Light Printing Moon Lamp

     Your current products are a Galaxy fan, you will love are already because it shows shade of the moon your past night sky. It is manufactured of ABS and PLA material and it entirely eco-friendly

3D printing: While most moonlights have a 3D print of the original moon, it has both the moon’s print and additional color swatches that make it look like a rainbow-painted moon.

16 colors and 4 effects: This moon lamp offers 16 different color combinations and 4 different modes in which the colors change. You can choose between the light options: flash, flash, blur or smoothness.

Optical illusion: This multi-colored lamp light can display 7 different colors of strobe lights. These 7 colors change in minutes. You can also limit the colors to only 3 strobe lights.


  • Runs for 6-12 hours.
  • Multicolored lamp.
  • Touch and remote supported.
  • 500 mAh battery capacity.


  • Runs on 1 A battery which needs to be bought separately.
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