Colors of the moon

Many of us will never be able to go into space, but that doesn’t mean we can’t put ourselves in space! And what could be better than these beautiful and charming original 16 color moon lamps. , Colors of the moon look very beautiful colors, which make the moon lamp, look very beautiful.

colors of the moon

Every single 16-color moon lamp has undergone a more than 26-hour 3D printing process with the latest technology. We create the design based on NASA’s satellite imagery to accurately reflect the actual surface and craters of the moons. Beware of cheap, fragile designs with non-compliant rechargeable batteries (very dangerous for your home!)

Our original 16-color moon lamps are the only ones on the market that have a solid body (single shape) and are FCC, CE and RohS certified, tested, approved and 100% safe!


16 soothing colors to choose from that match your environment and mood, creating a wonderful atmosphere and a soothing psychological effect that helps relieve stress. Enjoy the moonlight every night with this beautiful 16-color moon lamp.

  • For comparison: the 8 cm lamp is about the size of a tennis ball.
  • The 20 cm lamp is the size of volleyball.
  • The 22 cm lamp is the size of a basket / soccer ball.


Besides this incredible function, the original 16-color moon lamp ™ has its own remote control that can be used in different ways. You can change the light colors and their transition from one color to the next and adjust the brightness of the moon lamp with the remote control.

We switch the remote control works as soon as the button of the moon lamp on. There is a thin plastic film on the button of the remote control, which must first be removed for it to work. Once you get it going, just have fun playing with the features and you will surely be amazed.


  • 16 COLORS IN EVERY LAMP – 16 soothing colors to choose from that match your environment and mood, creating a wonderful atmosphere.
  • REMOTE CONTROL & TOUCH SWITCH – Provides a remote control for switching between 16 colors, becoming dull, fading between colors or flashing between colors. You can change colors with the touch switch.
  • RECHARGEABLE – Charge your moonlit night light with the included USB charging cable.
  • This moon lamp is now 100% wireless and is guaranteed to offer you an easy, stress-free experience.
  • DIMMABLE – whether you are looking for a light that illuminates an entire room or a relaxing night light, this moonlight lamp is perfect for you.
  • CHILD-SAFE – The moon lamp does not heat and is 100% safe.
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