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With doubt, these are good 3D lamps on this market. There are several of the factors that we considered prior to these moon lamps, including shape, material, reviews, client satisfaction and price. If you want to decorate your room well, don’t forget the 3D moon lamps. Because without these stylish lamp lights, your room would not be particularly stylish.

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The best part about this Luna lamp is that it consists of PLA material that is FDA-approved which returns the ideal appearance of the moon. Not only has that, but also innovative 3D printing technology added to the cherry on top because of its moon-like appearance.

A built-in rechargeable battery equipped with a USB charging port is also available for you to use this moonlight for a long period of time. Apart from that, different color modes such as Flash, Blur, Strobe and other modes emit sensational light and so it is a top-notch item to use as a room decoration.


  • PVC Material.
  • USB Charging Source.
  • RGB 16 Colors.
  • 2 Hours Charging Time.
  • 7.3 Inches Size.
  • Battery Power.


  • Provides you the ease of both remote and touch control.
  • Powerful battery laced with a USB port.
  • Top notch 3D printing technology.
  • 5-Star reviews by customers at Amazon.
  • FDA approved eco-friendly material.
  • Highly realistic moon-like shape and look.


  • Not available in small size.


One of the most outstanding features of this Luna lamp is its ability to change colors with a simple tap. Yes, you just need to tap to switch the lamplight. It is a multi-colored lamp and it is up to you whether you want white, yellow, green, purple, pink or any other color by tapping on it.

For 3D printing, NASA data is used to create a realistic replica of the moon. And yes, with their incredible construction and construction, they have created one of the most realistic 3D moon lamps.


  • Multicolor Lamp.
  • PLA Material.
  • Battery Powered.
  • Tap Control.
  • USB Cable.
  • LED Light Source.


  • FDA approved PLA material.
  • Best night light for any room.
  • You can change the colors by a single tap.
  • Perfectly built with ideal moon shaped lamp
  • Comes with wooden base and lanyard strap.
  • 5-Star customer reviews.
  • Easily rechargeable by USB cable.


  • Not available in big size.
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